Evan Neal issues statement after insulting Giants fans as 'sheep'


Evan Neal issues statement after insulting Giants fans as 'sheep'
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Evan Neal issued an apology to New York Giants fans after ripping them as "sheep" and suggesting that those who "flip burgers and hot dogs for a living" have no business giving their opinion on what a player should do. On Monday Night Football, the Giants had another disappointing outing at the start of the 2023 season, picking up a 24-3 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium.

During the loss, the Giants surrendered a franchise-high 11 sacks and Neal was seen chirping back at booing fans. “Why would a lion concern himself with the opinion of a sheep? The person that’s commenting on my performance, what does he do? Flip hot dogs and hamburgers somewhere?” Neal told NJ.com on Wednesday.

When asked to explain why he was telling Giants fans to boo harder, Neal said: "Because that just further shows that people are fair-weather. A lot of fans are bandwagoners. I mean, I get it: They want to see us perform well.

And I respect all of that. But no one wants us to perform well more than we do. And how can you say you're really a fan when we're out there battling our asses off -- and the game wasn't going well -- but the best you can do is boo your home team? So how much of a fan are you, really?"

Neal issues an apology

After facing major criticism and backlash for the comments made about Giants fanbase, Neal took to social media to issue an apology.

"I am wrong for lashing out at the fans who are just as passionate and frustrated as I am. I let my frustrations in my play + desire to win get the best of me. I had no right to make light of anyone's job and I deeply regret the things I said.

We are working day in and day out to grow as a team and this was an unnecessary distraction. I apologize," Neal said in a message posted on his X account.

Last year, the Giants took Neal with their seventh-overall pick.

So far, Neal hasn't lived up to the expectations. The Giants, who sit last on the NFC East standings with a 1-3 record, play the Miami Dolphins on the road this week.

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