Texans' Deshaun Watson 'amazed' by J.J. Watt's returning interception

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Texans' Deshaun Watson 'amazed' by J.J. Watt's returning interception

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson was impressed and energized by the returning interception defensive end J.J. Watt made against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. The Texans were trailing 7-0 when Watt jumped and intercepted a pass by Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and ran it back 19 yards to score a touchdown.

"That was dope,” Watson said of Watt's pick-6, per ESPN. "It brought me back to the old days. He’s not getting old as we look at it. He’s still got some athletic ability. I knew sooner or later, especially after last weekend, he was going to get one of them”.

The Texans were struggling early on against the Lions but it all changed after Watt's returning interception. The Texans ended up demolishing the Lions as they claimed a big 41-25 victory on the road to improve to 4-7.

"I was going up the field, but I saw he was going to throw quickly, so I stopped rushing and jumped up,” Watt said. “Hit me square in the hands, double-clutched and then just spun out and ran to the end zone.

Just trying to make a play”.

Watt scored his first touchdown since 2014

"We talked about turnovers during the week, and I mentioned that they come in streaks sometimes, and we talked about how J.J. used to be able to tip the ball, intercept it and run it in for a touchdown, and then low and behold, he does it early in the game,” Texans interim head coach Romeo Crennel said.

“... It gave the whole team a lift to see him make a play like that”. Meanwhile, the Lions put up another disappointing performance and their chances of making the playoffs have diminished after losing back-to-back games and falling to a 4-7 record.

Many believe that the Lions should have fired their head coach Matt Patricia a long time ago but Patricia still has the job. "Obviously I can’t say, I’m not going to comment on somebody else’s job, I’m just here to do mine,” Lions tight end T.J.

Hockenson said. “Matt Patricia gave me a chance to come into this organization so for that, I owe him. So obviously, that’s up to the front office, all that other stuff, you guys can talk about that. But, you know, he’s still my head coach, he’s still my head coach.

And if he’s not, he’s still the guy who gave me an opportunity to a Detroit Lion so for that I’ll forever be grateful”.