Joe Burrow Fantasy Football Week 5 Injury Update

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by Nouman Rasool
Joe Burrow Fantasy Football Week 5 Injury Update
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In the high-octane world of the NFL, Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals’ celebrated quarterback, has demonstrated notable skill and leadership, propelling his team to two AFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl stint, all while navigating through a minefield of personal setbacks.

A rollercoaster ride that witnessed early career triumphs, the LSU alum has undeniably become one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, coupling success with stoic calm even under the most strenuous pressures.

Burrow's Injury Struggles

Burrow’s journey has been punctuated with notable setbacks, including a truncated rookie season that witnessed merely ten games due to a debilitating ACL and MCL tear in his left knee.

Last year saw Burrow undergo an appendectomy, while this year he faced another hurdle - a non-contact calf injury sustained before the onset of the regular season. In a recent encounter where the Cincinnati Bengals fell to a 1-3 standing against the Baltimore Ravens, Burrow remained upbeat.

Sharing insights with The Athletic's Paul Dehner Jr., he stated, “This is the best I’ve felt after a game. So I am optimistic”. It was a ray of hope, indicating that the calf injury he suffered last June is seemingly becoming a thing of the past.

Undoubtedly, fans and fantasy football aficionados alike exhaled in collective relief, as Burrow was notably omitted from the team’s latest injury report heading into Week 5. Reflecting on the AFC Championship clash between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s evident that Burrow has navigated choppy waters, particularly following his calf injury during a training camp in July 2023.

Despite the mishap, which witnessed him being carted off the field post-injury, Burrow made a triumphant return for the Bengals’ season-opener against the Cleveland Browns. However, it’s undeniable that Burrow has yet to regain the impressive momentum that once saw him lead the league in completion percentage in 2021.

With a current completion rate of only 57.6% and tallying 728 passing yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions through Week 4, the contrast is stark. His Week 1 performance against the Browns, amassing a mere 82 passing yards, delineates a tangible disparity.

Yet, amidst the oscillating tides of fortune, Joe Burrow retains an unwavering resolve, embodying the spirit of resilience which both the Bengals and their devoted fanbase rest their hopes upon as they stride forward into the remainder of the season.

Joe Burrow