Damar Hamlin is competing for the next match nine months after the heart attack


Damar Hamlin is competing for the next match nine months after the heart attack
Damar Hamlin is competing for the next match nine months after the heart attack © Quinn Harris / Getty Images

We can often witness horrific injuries to athletes that often end their careers. Injuries are an integral part of sports, but the injury does not always have to be caused by playing or an injury during the game. The high pace of play as well as strenuous trainings create a lot of pressure on the entire body of the athlete, so this can cause an "unwanted reaction" of our body.

It's been almost a year since the incident at the Buffalo Bills NFL game. Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin is back in NFL games, nine months after suffering a heart attack during a game. This news pleases all Buffalo fans as well as all good hearted people.

He was absent at the beginning of the season, so he missed his team's first three games, but he was called up for the duel against the Miami Dolphins, and it is his first game in the regular season in the NFL, since he suffered a heart attack on January 2 during the game with Cincinnati.

We hope that he will return to the old form that adorned him. Hamlin's heart stopped and doctors had to revive him on the field, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and he was released home on January 11. He rested and recovered at home and very quickly asked for permission to play again, which he quickly received.

Of course, that news pleased the management of his club as well as his teammates, not because he will help them and can play, but simply because their teammate has recovered.

Damar Hamlin recovered quickly and after nine months from a heart attack, he is returning to the field

The recovery went better than expected and Hamlin was cleared to play in April, returned to training at the end of July and played in the Bills' preseason games.

It wasn't at his level, but after such an injury, it's good that he came back at all. Hamlin could be part of the Buffalo team that will travel to London for the game against Jacksonville, next week at the Tottenham Stadium.

However, it was emphasized that it is not yet certain, but that there is a high possibility that he will play, of course, with the consent of his doctors. the BBC reported.

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