Taylor Swift Supports Mahomes' Megan Rapinoe Celebration in Chiefs' Win


Taylor Swift Supports Mahomes' Megan Rapinoe Celebration in Chiefs' Win
Taylor Swift Supports Mahomes' Megan Rapinoe Celebration in Chiefs' Win © David Berding/Getty Images

As the NFL season progresses, there's more than just touchdowns and turnovers catching the media's attention. The Kansas City Chiefs, a formidable presence on the field, have been enjoying an added dose of stardom with the rumored relationship between Grammy award-winner Taylor Swift and their standout tight end, Travis Kelce.

Although Patrick Mahomes continues to be a dominant force for the Chiefs, Kelce has been stealing the spotlight, not just for his incredible plays but for the celebrity aura brought by his alleged girlfriend. Swift, known for her chart-topping albums and massive fan base, has been a regular fixture in the stands, much to the delight of fans and cameras alike.

Mahomes' Rapinoe Celebration

In a recent nail-biter against the New York Jets, the Chiefs edged a victory with a 23-20 scoreline. But it was Mahomes who made headlines, not only for his touchdown but for his nod to soccer legend Megan Rapinoe. Echoing Rapinoe’s iconic raised hands celebration after scoring, Mahomes basked in the applause of the crowd, creating a memorable and photo-worthy moment for fans and pundits alike.

In a bittersweet moment for soccer enthusiasts, Megan Rapinoe, one of the game's most recognized talents, has officially said her goodbyes to the US Women's National Team. With an impressive tally of 203 international appearances, Rapinoe netted 63 goals and provided 73 assists, solidifying her legacy in the annals of soccer history. The dynamo's crowning achievements include clinching the gold at the 2012 Olympics and lifting the World Cup in both 2015 and 2019. The soccer community awaits her next move post this illustrious chapter.

The game against the Jets was not just another match; it was an A-list event. Along with Swift, who was seemingly joined at the hip with Kelce's mother, Donna, the stands glittered with stars like Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Paul Rudd. Yet, amidst all these stars, the cameras were invariably drawn to Swift. It's evident that the "Taylor-Travis" phenomenon is lucrative for the Chiefs. Since Swift's frequent appearances, ticket prices have surged by 40%. More astonishingly, jersey sales have experienced a whopping 400% increase. The Swift effect, it seems, isn't limited to music charts alone.

Taylor Swift Chiefs New York Jets

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