David Njoku to Play vs. Ravens Despite Burns; Wears Mask to Stadium.


David Njoku to Play vs. Ravens Despite Burns; Wears Mask to Stadium.
David Njoku to Play vs. Ravens Despite Burns; Wears Mask to Stadium. © Nick Cammett/GettyImages

In a sudden turn of events, Cleveland Browns' star tight end David Njoku found himself in an unexpected situation leading up to this week's pivotal AFC North matchup. Suffering from burn injuries to his face and arm, Njoku’s health became a topic of concern after a household incident involving a fire pit in his backyard, as per sources close to NFL Media.

Although the circumstances surrounding the incident remain hazy, his agent reassured fans and colleagues that the 27-year-old is in stable condition post-accident, expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support. Despite the alarming event and subsequent injuries, Njoku, known for his resilience, gave a nod to his determination to play.

His recent social media activity hinted at his intentions to participate in the game. Further affirming this, CBS Sports NFL Insider Josina Anderson, shortly before kickoff, confirmed that Njoku would indeed be active, showcasing his unwavering commitment to his team and fans.

Njoku's Resilient Stadium Return

As Njoku made his entrance into Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday, his face obscured by a beige mask paired with a matching coat, it was evident that his recent ordeal hadn't dented his spirits.

Throughout this season, Njoku has already showcased his talent with 10 catches amassing 92 yards, proving invaluable not only as a receiver but also as an effective blocker for the offense. His 2022 stats speak volumes, ending with an impressive 58 receptions amounting to 628 yards, closely mirroring his career-best figures and tying his personal record with four touchdowns.

If, by any chance, Njoku's participation is curtailed in the ongoing game, the onus will fall on fellow tight ends Jordan Akins and Harrison Bryant to elevate their performance. As a precautionary measure, Cleveland has also brought tight end Zaire Mitchell-Paden up from the practice squad to bolster the ranks.

Both the Browns and the Ravens are poised delicately at 2-1, mirroring the Pittsburgh Steelers in a three-way tussle for AFC North dominance. Conveniently, the Browns are headed into a bye week post this game, ensuring that, regardless of today's outcome, Njoku will have ample recovery time.


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