NBA ROTY Embraces College Football, Skips Coach Prime


NBA ROTY Embraces College Football, Skips Coach Prime
NBA ROTY Embraces College Football, Skips Coach Prime © Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As the NFL season takes off, football fervor isn't just confined to the professional level. College football is equally capturing the imagination, and the spotlight is brighter than ever thanks to some notable NBA figures. LeBron James, the revered forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been particularly vocal in his support.

The King's Twitter timeline is awash with tweets praising the efforts of Coach Prime Deion Sanders, the NFL icon who currently heads the Colorado Buffaloes' football program. Decked in his unmistakable cowboy hat and eye-catching shades, Sanders has become a media magnet not just for his attire but also his bold statements.

Yet, it's not just LeBron who's captivated. A young NBA prodigy, 20-year-old Paolo Banchero of the Orlando Magic, has recently stepped into the limelight, expressing his adoration for college football. What's interesting is Banchero's particular fondness for his alma mater, the Duke Blue Devils.

Rivalry Sparks Social Media Buzz

The camaraderie between the Buffs and their in-state rivals, the Colorado State Rams, generated a Twitter storm, with LeBron at the forefront, cheering for Sanders and the Buffaloes. However, in a parallel universe, Banchero's loyalty was with the Blue Devils.

The Orlando Magic standout made headlines when he not only cheered from the stands but also took it up a notch, heading to the sidelines during the heated contest between the Blue Devils and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Instagram stories of Banchero rallying the Duke players, especially #9 Jaquez Moore, quickly became a sensation. Banchero's spirited sideline support begs the question - what drives this passion? The answer might lie in a recent appearance on the "Crew Has It" podcast with Michael Rainey Jr.

and Gianni Paolo. When quizzed about his NBA idols during a chat about his illustrious rookie year, Banchero promptly named Carmelo Anthony and, crucially, LeBron James. Describing James as his "superhero", Banchero's actions seem to be a tribute, drawing inspiration from the Lakers' star.

College football has always been electrifying, but recent times have seen an undeniable upswing in its popularity. This magnetic pull isn't just attracting the fans that fill the stadiums with roaring cheers; it's also drawing the attention of giants from other sports realms.

NBA legends, known for their prowess on the basketball court, are frequently spotted in the stands, their eyes fixed on the gridiron. These established stars, along with the league's rising talents, are unabashedly expressing their admiration for the collegiate game.

The intricate blend of raw talent, undying team spirit, and the palpable excitement of college rivalries resonates deeply with them. It's a testament to how the allure of college football transcends boundaries, uniting athletes across disciplines in shared passion.