Grumpy Dale Jr. Spills NYC Adventures with Eli Manning


Grumpy Dale Jr. Spills NYC Adventures with Eli Manning
Grumpy Dale Jr. Spills NYC Adventures with Eli Manning © Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

NASCAR legend and Hall of Famer, Dale Earnhardt Jr., recently took to his podcast, The Dale Jr Download, to discuss his complex relationship with the bustling city of New York. Though Dale's recent accomplishments span from authorship to podcast hosting, it appears that visits to the Big Apple have a special place in his heart - albeit a slightly conflicted one.

Dale's NYC Confessions

When the topic of New York City comes up, the racing icon doesn’t hesitate to share his initial reluctance. “Whenever I hear of a trip to New York on the horizon, there’s a moment of hesitation,” Dale confided.

“The mere thought makes me grumpy”. However, in true Dale fashion, he also touched upon the city’s magnetic charm that manages to draw him in, time and time again. “Every visit is unexpectedly delightful,” he admitted.

“It’s one of those situations where you dread the journey, but upon arrival, you’re reminded of why it’s worth it”. The primary reason for Earnhardt Jr.' s recent NYC trip was to promote his latest book, 'Buster gets back on track'

But, the city had another surprise in store for him. A serendipitous collaboration with former New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, became one of the trip’s highlights. Seeing the two sports icons together might have been unexpected for fans, but their camaraderie was palpable.

“It felt like reconnecting with an old buddy,” Dale shared on his Instagram, accompanied by a short reel featuring Manning. Further elaborating on his delightful encounter, Earnhardt Jr. expressed his admiration for Manning.

“Our paths crossed at the Giants’ practice facility, where I got the opportunity to be a part of Eli's show. The man is a riot! Most of us have seen glimpses of his humor in commercials and shows, but experiencing it firsthand was something else,” Dale recalled.

“We even had a joint venture to a local bookstore promoting ‘The Buster book’, and it was an absolute blast”. For fans of both sports and even the casual observer, this unique pairing in the heart of New York was a pleasant surprise, showcasing once again the city's unpredictable yet charming nature.

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