Chiefs HC Andy Reid: I'd take Patrick Mahomes over everybody

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Chiefs HC Andy Reid: I'd take Patrick Mahomes over everybody

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid and players had no doubt that their quarterback Patrick Mahomes would construct a game-winning drive in the final two minutes to seal a win for Kansas over the Las Vegas Raiders. Reigning NFL Super Bowl MVP Mahomes came up big in the key moments against the Raiders as he threw a 22-yard touchdown pass with 28 seconds left to play to give the Chiefs a 35-31 lead.

"I've got Pat Mahomes,'' Chiefs coach Reid said after the game, per ESPN. "You give me a minute and a half and I'm pretty good right there. We can roll. "I'd take him over everybody and I'm lucky to have him.'

' Mahomes needed just over a minute to get the ball down the field and throw a touchdown pass. "There are steps,'' Mahomes said of constructing the winning drive. "The first step is to try to get into field goal range.

Once we got into field goal range we still had some time left. I was hoping we had a couple of shots into the end zone.' '

Mahomes found Travis Kelce for the win

Chiefs tight end Kelce did a great job of getting himself Open and Mahomes did the rest of the job with his perfect pass.

"When I got to the second level, which is the linebackers, I felt an opening on the opposite hash,'' Kelce said. "Might as well go where the void is.' ' The Raiders offense performed exceptionally but even scoring a touchdown with 1:43 left to play in the game wasn't enough for them to beat the Chiefs.

"This is the best offense I've ever been a part of," Carr said following the game, per the team's website. "This group is awesome, and I know I say it every week, but we can win in different ways you know? We can smash them with the run game, or we can do a shootout.

We're proving that over time and the exciting part is that everyone's young — I'm the old guy in the group I guess. It's exciting because you see where we're headed, it's showing you little glimpses.

… It's exciting, but today it wasn't enough." Raiders coach Jon Gruden admitted it was hard losing on the way the Raiders did but still he was proud of the effort his team put up. "I'm really proud of our team," Gruden added. "Congratulations to the Chiefs; they made a couple more plays than we did."