Falcons QB Desmond Ridder Cites Energy Drain for Loss Amid Offensive Criticism


Falcons QB Desmond Ridder Cites Energy Drain for Loss Amid Offensive Criticism
Falcons QB Desmond Ridder Cites Energy Drain for Loss Amid Offensive Criticism © Danny Moloshok/Getty Images

In their recent Week 3 clash, the Atlanta Falcons, led by their rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder, endured a disappointing 20-6 defeat to the Detroit Lions. Desmond Ridder, candidly assessing the game, pinpointed a lack of energy and synergy as the primary reasons for the Falcons' underwhelming performance.

As per NFL correspondent Tori McElhaney, Ridder observed the palpable contrast between the two teams' energy levels. He noted that the Lions stepped onto the field “with more juice, more enthusiasm,” while the Falcons appeared somewhat lackluster in comparison.

Desmond Ridder Takes Accountability

Though he had 21 completions out of 38 attempts, totaling 201 yards, Deamond Riddler did not shy away from acknowledging his own missteps during the game. Despite the challenges, the rookie quarterback exhibited a sense of responsibility, aiming to identify areas of improvement rather than placing the blame elsewhere.

Desmond Ridder faced immense pressure throughout the contest, getting sacked seven times, a personal record in his nascent NFL career. Yet, he did not pin this setback on his offensive line. Instead, he highlighted the necessity for improved reads and quicker ball releases on his part, stating, “Things need to flow and execute more rapidly out there.

So, I'd attribute it more to my actions than to the line”. Another concerning aspect of the Falcons' performance was the penalty count. Although the Falcons had fewer penalties than the Lions, with 10 infractions costing them 119 yards, Ridder underscored the detrimental timing of these penalties.

In his words, they were like a “bag of crap,” hampering the team's momentum at crucial junctures. Desmond Ridder's reflections after the game hint at a team seeking to find its footing and rhythm early in the season.

While the loss was a setback, the young quarterback's introspective attitude may prove pivotal in the Falcons' quest for future victories. As the team moves forward, Desmond Ridder emphasis on drawing positives from every play, irrespective of the outcome, might just be the mantra the Falcons need to rejuvenate their campaign.


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