Rodgers Fires Back at Jets Icon Namath Over Zach Wilson Comments


Rodgers Fires Back at Jets Icon Namath Over Zach Wilson Comments
Rodgers Fires Back at Jets Icon Namath Over Zach Wilson Comments © Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

In a fiery response to criticisms by legendary New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath, the 39-year-old powerhouse Aaron Rodgers staunchly defended young Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. Rodgers, a standout player with his own impressive career, took issue with Namath's remarks about the 24-year-old player's performance.

Having kicked off the 2023/24 NFL season on a high note with a riveting win against the Buffalo Bills, the Jets unfortunately lost steam in their subsequent matches against the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots.

With the surprise signing of Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers, Zach Wilson was initially expected to have some reprieve from the field. However, a wrench was thrown into those plans when Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury during the first quarter of the season's debut match.

Wilson Under Intense Pressure

Now with the spotlight firmly back on him, Wilson has faced mounting pressure. The Jets' recent performance has been somewhat lackluster, suffering two consecutive losses and only scoring a mere 10 points in each game, thereby plummeting to the division's bottom rank.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers didn't hold back. "When we're not having success, how do we respond to adversity? This challenge isn't just for players, but also for fans and former players. You're not helping the cause," he emphasized.

As the team prepares for a challenging Week 4 face-off against the formidable Kansas City Chiefs led by superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Rodgers' public show of support is expected to boost Wilson's morale. But what ignited this impassioned defense? Joe Namath, a revered figure within the Jets' community, had openly criticized Wilson's capabilities.

Namath, who etched his legacy by winning Super Bowl III and snagging the MVP title for the game, has had his jersey (#12) retired by the franchise. His words undoubtedly hold significance. Namath aired his reservations about Wilson on The Michael Kay Show, saying, "I've seen enough of Zach Wilson.

He has quick feet and can throw to some extent, but there's something missing mentally." Elaborating further, Namath said Wilson was making choices that aren't intuitive for someone in the quarterback position.

Jets Zach Wilson

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