Pittsburgh Steelers failed one engine on the plane, they made an emergency landing

About incident wich happend to NFL team Pittsburg

by Sededin Dedovic
Pittsburgh Steelers failed one engine on the plane, they made an emergency landing
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The very work of an athlete requires a lot of sacrifice. One of the sacrifices they have to make is constant travel, mostly by plane. We are aware that not all people like to travel by plane because of a certain amount of fear because we are in the air.

A very interesting incident almost happened in the NFL league, when we had a forced landing of a plane and before that the alarms sounded. The Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team was a major player in this situation. The plane carrying the NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers back home after a visit to Las Vegas experienced a malfunction in one of its engines, which forced it to make an emergency landing at the first airport.

Namely, flight DL-8667 of the company Delta Airlines took off from the airport in Las Vegas with a total of 182 people, and about 150 nautical miles west of Kaznas City, the pilots reported a problem. It is further stated that they had to shut down the right engine due to loss of oil pressure and decided to land at the Kansas City airport and not continue to Pittsburgh for the safety of everyone on board.

There was fear and panic, but in the end everything ended in the best possible way

Although the crew stated that there was no fear and that everything was under control, some kind of fear could be seen on the Pittsburgh players even though they travel by plane every day.

Not a pleasant situation, we have to admit. Some journalists reported that the passengers were needlessly upset, even though it was not a big problem. However, we must agree that safety comes first. The planes are known to be able to fly with one engine working, but the crew decided not to take any chances as a precaution, and the plane landed safely on the runway at the Kansas airport about 35 minutes after the alert was declared.

The pilots said there was no need for additional assistance from airport workers and they reached the terminal safely. Later, the Pittsburgh team also made a statement, explaining that there was a problem with one of the engines.

Airplane accidents happened quite often, but this incident caused a lot of attention because it involved famous athletes. Anyway, it was good that everything ended well, and that everyone disembarked safely.

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