Nick Sirianni: Eagles 'not final product' at 3-0; 'It's a growth process'


Nick Sirianni: Eagles 'not final product' at 3-0; 'It's a growth process'
Nick Sirianni: Eagles 'not final product' at 3-0; 'It's a growth process' © Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

On a thrilling Monday night, the Philadelphia Eagles flexed their prowess against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a convincing 25-11 victory, accumulating an impressive 472 total yards. Of these, 201 yards charged from their rushing, while they also marked 27 first downs.

Yet, the narrative isn't all rosy. There were moments in the game that made fans and analysts tilt their heads in confusion. Right from the onset, the Eagles showed signs of vulnerability, stalling at the 14-yard-line during their opening act, which ended in a turnover on downs.

The narrative continued when they reached the 18-yard-line in the subsequent drive, settling merely for a field goal. Their red zone efficiency stood at 1 of 5. Jalen Hurts, the team's quarterback, had a mixed performance, delivering two interceptions amidst battling flu-like symptoms.

This oscillating performance evokes the imagery of a roller coaster.

Sirianni Stresses Team Evolution

However, Coach Nick Sirianni provides a perspective that resonates with optimism. "It's all about growth. We aren't the finished product everyone expects just yet," said Sirianni.

He emphasized that perfection is a journey, "We have areas to improve, but if there's a dedicated mindset towards daily improvement – which our team possesses – the trajectory is upwards." For many elite NFL teams, the early season is an exploratory phase.

They gauge their strengths, understand their weaknesses, and shape their strategies accordingly. Victory becomes a byproduct of this learning process. Sirianni added, "We might not be at our offensive best right now, but this isn't the time to be.

Every team is evolving. Given our current form, I'm content." A standout aspect of the Eagles' play has been their dominance in the trenches. Whether it's Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, Josh Sweat, and Brandon Graham tearing it up in the defense, or Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, and Jordan Mailata orchestrating control in the offense, the Eagles have demonstrated supremacy on both fronts.

Their prowess covered the evident gaps due to injuries and an inconsistent passing game. Jalen Hurts, despite the night's challenges, encapsulated the team's spirit, "Win or lose, satisfaction isn't the goal. It's perpetual growth." Currently, the Eagles, with their 3-0 start, have set a standard. The fact that they can better it? It's a looming nightmare for NFC rivals.