Jets legend Joe Namath rips 'awful' Zach Wilson

Namath the latest to criticize Wilson's performances with the Jets.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jets legend Joe Namath rips 'awful' Zach Wilson
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New York Jets legend Joe Namath is the latest to rip Zach Wilson, describing the 24-year-old quarterback's performance against the New England Patriots as "awful." After throwing three interceptions in a blowout 30-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2, Wilson didn't have any interceptions in a 15-10 loss to the Patriots but he also didn't throw any touchdown passes.

Throughout the entire game, the Jets were struggling to move the ball on offense as Wilson completed 18 of his 36 passes for 157 passing yards. Namath, who led the Jets to their first and lone Super Bowl in 1969, wasn't impressed at all.

“No, I didn’t take anything positive out of it yesterday. It was awful,” Namath said during his appearance on ESPN's “The Michael Kay Show," via The New York Post.

Namath on why he didn't take anything positive out of Wilson's play

“Why? Were you watching? I mean, puh-lease.

You sit down? You sit down on the play, you go right down? What happened? I thought you were trying to make plays and win. You quit on a play. What is going on? It’s disgusting. Send him to Kansas City to backup against somebody like [Patrick] Mahomes and maybe learn something.

I wouldn’t keep him. I’ve seen enough of Zach Wilson, all right? I’ve seen enough. Has quick feet, can throw a little bit, but I don’t believe what’s going on up there," Namath said. Wilson was supposed to spend at least this season backing up and learning from Aaron Rodgers.

But when Rodgers went down in Week 1, Wilson was again named a starter. Addressing the claim that this offense was schemed for Rodgers and not for Wilson, Namath bluntly dismissed that claim. “How many months ago was that to learn the offense? How many months ago was that? Come on.

Now, Aaron, he got hurt, OK. Well, what do you think you have backups for? They’re ready to go, they’re supposed to be ready to go. We’re looking at an offense that just doesn’t play well. You’ve got an offensive coordinator that doesn’t seem to be calling the right plays. I just think for this fan, they’ve got to make major changes from top to bottom," Namath said.

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