Native Americans want Washington to return the name Redskins

Will Washnton bring back their former name?

by Sededin Dedovic
Native Americans want Washington to return the name Redskins
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The history of the USA was very bloody, which is why there is rivalry between certain parts of the country. Of course, it is known that racism is very prevalent in the USA because there are many nations living there. All present racism against blacks as the primary problem.

However, a really big problem is experienced by native Americans, popularly known as Indians. They experienced a truly great disaster to be the subject of racist statements today in 2023. The lawsuit, filed Monday in the U.S.

District Court for North Dakota, alleges the Commanders have a "monopoly on the narrative" regarding how the Indians feel about the team's 2020 name change, which has been stripped of the Redskins moniker. The lawsuit also includes team owner Josh Harris, sales representative Matthew Lauck and the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI).

These groups, NAGA says, are working together to suppress and defame their organization that represents Indians everywhere. Chad Lavelja, who represents NAGA, told The National Desk (TND) on Monday that the group was left with "no choice" but to file a lawsuit after the Commanders repeatedly ignored their requests to open a dialogue with the team.

"We would like them to sit down with NAGAm and hear what they have to say, and they also need to repair the damage they have done to NAGA's reputation by calling them fake and attacking their identity," Lavelja said.

The great disrespect of Native Americans could lead to even greater problems and unrest

By changing the name, Lavelja said, Washington dishonored the long-standing tradition and heritage of the Indians.

"The logo on the Redskins helmet is a real person, it's Chief White Calf. Every time they step on that field, they've honored the chief and fought on the football field with the same honor, integrity and courage," Lavelja said, "They should continue to respect it".

A Commanders spokesman told TND on Monday that the team plans to "address this matter in court" but believes the lawsuit is "without merit."
"Mr. Harris obviously thinks it's important to only hear one group of Indians while ignoring the others," Lavelja said, "If he lets other people into the discourse, I think he'd learn a lot." In any case, we can conclude that such problems should disappear at least in the near future. Of course, we have to fight against it if we really want our children to live in a better world.