Taylor Swift brought happiness to the Kansas City Chiefs,the pop diva was at the game

Taylor Swift was at last Kansas game in NFL

by Sededin Dedovic
Taylor Swift brought happiness to the Kansas City Chiefs,the pop diva was at the game
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Celebrities have always been associated with athletes, one pulling the other. We often see celebrities from the world of showbiz at sporting events. Taylor Swift is a big pop star right now in the USA and the subject of constant debate.

Lately, there have been more and more rumors that this pop diva will visit the Kansas City Chiefs game. Many media reported that it was initiated by Travis Kelce, who also plays for Kansas. The NFL season is slowly getting into full swing, so fans of American football can enjoy better and more dramatic matches.

Of course, this sport in the United States has absolute primacy over everything else, so it attracts the most attention from celebrities. For some time there have been talks about the famous pop singer Taylor Swift's "guest appearance" at one of the Kansas City Chiefs games, and the idea came about after a call from player Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift with Kelce's mother in the stands

Many were suspicious even though Taylor Swift had already said that she would come to the game. Even the media the day before the game called the pop diva to confirm that she will come, but some local media were dissatisfied because her arrival casts a shadow over the game.

But in the end, the popular singer appeared on the stands to the general delight of the entire stadium, as well as the cameraman who persistently filmed her. And she fulfilled that promise, so she was seen in the stands in the company of an elderly lady who turned out to be the mother of the aforementioned American football player.

In the end, it can be said that it brought happiness to the Chiefs, as they won convincingly with 41:10. Kels also had one touchdown in the third quarter, when everything was largely settled. What additionally intrigued the public was the fact that Kels and Swift left the stadium together, so suspicions that the two were in a relationship were "heated". They didn't want to talk about it to the media, but everything will certainly be known in the coming days.

Taylor Swift Kansas City Chiefs