Kim Kardashian & Odell Beckham Jr. in Casual Romance

Odell's history with the Kardashians takes a deeper dive.

by Nouman Rasool
Kim Kardashian & Odell Beckham Jr. in Casual Romance
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Kim Kardashian, the famed 42-year-old reality TV sensation, appears to be taking a casual approach to her newfound connection with NFL sensation, Odell Beckham Jr., 30. Best known for her marriage with music icon Kanye West, with whom she shares four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, Kardashian's personal life has consistently been under the spotlight.

Sources close to the duo spoke to Us Weekly, revealing, "Their camaraderie evolved organically and turned flirtatious in no time. They're in the early dating phase, but it’s still relaxed. While there's no formal commitment, it's notable that Kim generally has a one-man focus in her dating life." This statement suggests that even though both are free to see other people, Kim might not be actively pursuing other romantic interests.

Beckham's Kardashian Ties

What adds an intriguing layer to their story is Beckham's association with the Kardashian clan. Insiders note that he's mingled with the family on several grand occasions, including the much-talked-about Met Gala and the exclusive White Party.

"There wasn’t a particular spark moment, but Odell did extend an invite to Kim for his last birthday bash," the source added, emphasizing the mutual admiration and compatibility they share. Following her split with Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson last August, after a nine-month whirlwind romance, Kardashian has been selective about her romantic pursuits.

Her family, a close-knit unit, seems to have given their nod of approval to her association with Beckham. Earlier this year, on the 'On Purpose' podcast, Kardashian reflected on her approach to love, especially given the responsibility of her children.

She shared, "There's a caution I exercise now, especially considering my kids. While I deeply believe in the magic of love, I'm not in haste. I’ve learned from past experiences, and I intend to be patient, ensuring I don’t repeat history." In the world of glitz and glam, while relationships often seem fleeting, Kardashian's earnest desire to find lasting love, intertwined with the captivating dynamics of her equation with Beckham, is sure to keep fans and followers hooked.

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