Dallas Cowboys Parsons Receives High Praise from 3-Time DPOY Record-Breaking Journey


Dallas Cowboys Parsons Receives High Praise from 3-Time DPOY Record-Breaking Journey
Dallas Cowboys Parsons Receives High Praise from 3-Time DPOY Record-Breaking Journey © Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have showcased impeccable form this season, boasting two impressive winning streaks and no defeats, thus solidifying their stronghold in the NFC. While the team as a whole has been remarkable, it's their young linebacker, Micah Parsons, who's capturing headlines and the attention of seasoned NFL veterans.

Only in his sophomore year, Parsons' performance on the field has sparked comparisons to league stalwarts. His vigor and commitment haven't gone unnoticed, especially by the 3-time Defensive Player of the Year, JJ Watt. The former defensive end had effusive praise for Parsons during his appearance on the "Pat McAfee Show."

Watt Praises Parsons' Excellence

In a clip from the show, shared by Pat McAfee on Twitter, Watt can be heard lauding Parsons, “Micah gives it his all, every play, every game.

His relentless drive, combined with his natural athleticism, make him a standout. He’s got that rare ability to maneuver, to bend, and to effortlessly turn corners. Truly, he's one of those exceptional talents in the league”.

Yet, while JJ showers praise on Parsons, it's his younger sibling, TJ Watt, who finds himself in a statistical showdown with the Cowboys' young prodigy. The two are neck and neck in their quest for the coveted Defensive Player of the Year title for 2023.

To give some context, TJ Watt clinched the Defensive Player of the Year honor in 2021 - the same year Parsons was crowned the defensive rookie. Now, fast-forward to the 2023 season, and both linebackers are setting the stage alight.

Just two games in, TJ Watt has already registered four sacks, two forced fumbles, and a touchdown. Notably, in a match against the Cleveland Browns, he recorded a staggering 81 1/2 sack, further stamping his authority on the game.

The battle for supremacy between Parsons and Watt promises to be a riveting subplot to this NFL season. As the Cowboys continue their upward trajectory, the league and its fans will be keenly watching how these two linebackers fare in their pursuit of excellence.

Dallas Cowboys Micah Parsons

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