O.J. Simpson Questions Nathaniel Hackett's Role as Jets OC: Is A Change Needed?


O.J. Simpson Questions Nathaniel Hackett's Role as Jets OC: Is A Change Needed?
O.J. Simpson Questions Nathaniel Hackett's Role as Jets OC: Is A Change Needed? © Steph Chambers/GettyImages

In the buzzing aftermath of the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys clash, former All-Pro running back, O.J. Simpson, took to social media platform X, voicing his doubts about Nathaniel Hackett's capabilities as the Jets' offensive coordinator.

While Simpson candidly admitted his limited knowledge of Hackett's professional background, he made clear his reservations about the coordinator's effectiveness. Reflecting on the recent Dallas-Jets face-off, Simpson remarked, “Everyone's discussing the game, but I'm focused on Nathaniel Hackett.

His claim to fame is supposedly coaching Rodgers back in Green Bay. But let's be real – anyone can coach Rodgers. My daughter could take that job. Rodgers is exceptional on his own. When Denver needed someone to guide Wilson last year, they called on Hackett.

Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out as expected."

Simpson Lauds Cowboys' Defense

Furthermore, Simpson heaped praise on the Dallas Cowboys defense, labeling them as swift and practically unbeatable. In his view, Hackett failed to exploit any potential cracks in Dallas’ formidable defensive wall.

Hackett's journey to the NFL began at the collegiate level. Between 2003 to 2005, he honed his skills at UC Davis, followed by a stint at Stanford. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recognized his potential in 2006, hiring him as their Quality Control Coach—a role he fulfilled until 2007.

Subsequently, he joined the Buffalo Bills' coaching staff. However, in 2010, the allure of college football called him back, leading to a coaching role at Syracuse University. In 2013, Hackett made his return to the NFL, this time as the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills.

His two-year tenure was followed by a move to the Jacksonville Jaguars as their quarterbacks coach. His success there saw him promoted to the position of offensive coordinator. By 2019, the Green Bay Packers secured his services, paving the way for his association with Aaron Rodgers.

Today, he stands as Rodgers’ offensive coordinator, albeit for the Jets. Given this trajectory, questions arise: Is the criticism warranted? And will Hackett’s experience be enough to steer the Jets' offense to new heights? Only time will tell.