Jets HC Adam Gase: I expect Sam Darnold to return to lineup this season

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Jets HC Adam Gase: I expect Sam Darnold to return to lineup this season

New York Jets head coach Adam Gase has said that he expects quarterback Sam Darnold to return to the lineup before the season ends. Darnold, who was taken at No. 3 by the Jets in the 2018 NFL draft, is dealing with a sore shoulder, and after missing a few games, he will also miss this Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

"Hopefully he gets better sooner than later, but I expect him to be back at some point," Gase said of Darnold, per the team's website. "I don't know when that is. I talked to him yesterday and I think he's feeling better, he's getting stronger.

I think we just want to make sure he's healthy and then we can get him out there. "Last week after watching his reaction when he wasn't feeling right, I see him wanting to play. I see a guy that's really trying to put himself into position to go out there on Sunday.

We just feel like, talking with the front office, the coaching staff, Sam, the trainers, the doctors, this was the best thing to do for this week."

Darnold wants to play

Before he went down with an injury, Darnold wasn't performing especially great in the field and some Jets fan didn't feel too much disappointed after their starting quarterback was replaced Joe Flacco.

The Jets are the only winless team this season as they own a disappointing 0-9 record. "I mean, obviously, I want to play," Darnold said. "I always want to go out there and put it on the line for my teammates and my coaches and just go out there and play football.

That's what I love to do and that's first and foremost." As much as Darnold wants to return to the field, he doesn't want to rush anything. "Obviously as well, I've got to think about me. Injuring my right shoulder, it's definitely tough to kind of weigh all the options of what I can do.

You start thinking in terms of just longevity and how I can further injure the shoulder. So I just think from where we're at right now, it's a good decision to be able to give it another week to heal up," Darnold added.

The Jets will likely finish the season with the league-worst record and have the No. 1 selection in next year's NFL draft. The belief is that the Jets would take Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence and that would likely mean the end of Darnold's career with the Jets.