Ex-NFL Star Sergio Brown Missing Following Mother's Homicide Ruling

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Ex-NFL Star Sergio Brown Missing Following Mother's Homicide Ruling
Ex-NFL Star Sergio Brown Missing Following Mother's Homicide Ruling © Stacy Revere/GettyImages

In a deeply distressing turn of events, former NFL sensation, Sergio Brown, is currently untraceable following the tragic death of his mother, Myrtle Brown, aged 73. Myrtle's lifeless body was discovered close to a creek behind her residence in a serene suburban neighborhood of Chicago.

Preliminary police reports suggest that she succumbed to injuries sustained from a brutal assault. Acting on concerns raised by family members who had lost contact with both Myrtle and Sergio, the Maywood Police Department initiated a search that led to the grim discovery on Saturday.

The medical examination conducted by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirms the assault-related injuries, designating her demise as a homicide. This revelation was further supported by documents acquired by CNN affiliate WBBM.

Maywood Street Sealed by Police

Locals were met with an unsettling sight as police tape enveloped a peaceful residential street in Maywood, located approximately 15 miles west of Chicago's central Loop. Video footage captured by WBBM delineates the intense on-site police activity.

Neighbors and friends are grappling with the heart-wrenching news. Carlos Cortez, who lived next door to Myrtle, shared with WBBM, “Myrtle was truly a remarkable woman. I’m praying she’s in a better place now, watching over us.

I could've never fathomed such a tragedy befalling her”. Sergio Brown, currently 35, started his football journey with Notre Dame, eventually making waves in the NFL. He was picked up by the New England Patriots in 2010 as an undrafted free agent, marking the beginning of his illustrious seven-year stint.

Over the years, he represented the Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Buffalo Bills. The investigation into Myrtle Brown's tragic end is in full swing. The Maywood police urge the public to come forward with any pertinent information by contacting their anonymous tip line at 708-450-1787.

However, attempts to obtain further details remain unanswered. Lead investigator Dennis Diaz and the Brown family are yet to provide additional comments to CNN's inquiries. For those seeking updates on this unfolding story, stay tuned to MSN, Google News, and other reputable sources. The community hopes for justice, closure, and the safe return of Sergio Brown.