2x Super Bowl Champ Criticized by Grayson Waller Over Cena's WWE Career

SmackDown's Grayson Waller stirs controversy with bold remarks.

by Nouman Rasool
2x Super Bowl Champ Criticized by Grayson Waller Over Cena's WWE Career
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Pro wrestling legend and 16-time world champion, John Cena, is undoubtedly a revered figure in the WWE arena. Touted by many as one of the greatest to ever grace the ring, Cena’s illustrious career of over 21 years is nothing short of legendary.

Yet, for budding WWE superstar, Grayson Waller, this may not be the case.

Waller Roasts Cena and College Football

Waller, the audacious Australian who recently made a splash on the main roster, hasn't shied away from sharing his unfiltered opinions.

In the latest episode of SmackDown, broadcasted from the state of Colorado, Waller took the opportunity to not only belittle Cena but also make a rather cheeky reference to an ongoing spat in the world of college football.

"When I talk to grown-ups, I take off my hat like my mother taught me," Waller quipped, drawing parallels to a statement made by Colorado State University football head coach, Jay Norvell, targeting NFL icon, Deion Sanders.

The WWE was quick to share this clip online, captioning it as, "That was a prime insult there," hinting at Sanders' nickname, 'Prime Time' To add fuel to the fire, Waller commented on this video, brazenly calling both Cena and two-time Super Bowl winner, Sanders, "overrated." Yet, Cena and Sanders weren’t the only legends under Waller's radar.

The episode also witnessed the sensational return of WWE icon, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, after a hiatus of nearly four years. While the Ball Arena resonated with overwhelming cheers, Waller remained unimpressed. Waller's audaciousness has surely garnered attention, and whether it's a strategic move to up his game or genuine disdain, it has added a fresh layer of drama to WWE storylines.

As Cena and Johnson continue to reign supreme in their legacy, it will be intriguing to witness the next move in this unfolding saga. With SEO keywords like "WWE", "John Cena", "Grayson Waller", and "Dwayne Johnson", this story is bound to gain traction among fans and enthusiasts.

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