Alexander Mattison spoke about racist insults after the loss to Philadelphia

Mattison: Racism has no place on sports grounds

by Sededin Dedovic
Alexander Mattison spoke about racist insults after the loss to Philadelphia
© David Berding / Getty Images

Racism cannot be eradicated, several decades have passed since the abolition of the slave system, but the main problems remain. In addition to everyday life, this disease has unfortunately crept into sports as well. We witness daily outbursts of racism in many sports.

How to solve this problem? We should all raise our voices together against racism and racist insults. Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Matheson received dozens of racist and abusive messages on social media after his team's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles won 34:28 on the night between Thursday and Friday. Matheson had a 28-yard performance on eight carries in that game, including a fumble loss in the first quarter. The running back then announced that he had received over 60 abusive messages, some of which racially discriminated against him, along with calls for the 25-year-old to commit suicide.

Alexander Matheson says that such things have no place on sports fields, but unfortunately...

“You can attack me about NFL fantasy performance and tell me I have no idea, it really doesn't touch me. But such insults are unacceptable," said Mattison and added: "More than 60 people decided to attack me with disgusting and derogatory messages and comments.

Think about what you write and how it could really affect someone. Besides playing American football, I am a human being, and so is a father to his son. This is sick". Matheson assumed the role of starting running back for the Vikings after the franchise parted ways with Davlin Cook at the end of last season.

So far in his career he has played 59 games and with the performance of 1,670 yards gained by running and 11 touchdowns. In addition, the 25-year-old caught 70 passes for 526 total yards and three more touchdowns after catching a pass.

Until when will we see pictures like this on sports fields, we hope that in the future there will be much more understanding between people. Because we are all people, whatever color we are.