Dak Prescott has deeply honest message for Aaron Rodgers

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Dak Prescott has deeply honest message for Aaron Rodgers
Dak Prescott has deeply honest message for Aaron Rodgers © Getty Images Sport - Richard Rodriguez

Dak Prescott says his "heart broke for Aaron Rodgers" but also encouraged the 39-year-old quarterback to "keep faith" and "understand that everything happens for a reason." On Monday Night Football, Rodgers suffered a season-ending torn Achilles tendon in the Jets' fourth offensive snap.

After many months of hype and building expectations, the Jets and their fans endured an absolute horror in Week 1. "Obviously I saw that, my heart broke for him. Honestly, in the moment I could tell by the way he went down that it was more serious than, I guess an ankle.

I know he's got a lot of support, and I just say leaning on that man, just keep faith, understand that everything happens for a reason. We don't see it. We don't understand why, but you just keep faith, take these small victories a lot of good and some way or another is going to come out of this," Prescott said of Rodgers' injury.

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Prescott disappointed he won't get to face Rodgers in Week 2

This Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys are hosting the New York Jets. For the Jets, Zach Wilson will be the starting quarterback.

What was expected to highlight Week 2 action, now has a completely different feel going into the game. Addressing that, Prescott suggested that he is extremely disappointed because he won't be going head-to-head against Rodgers this Sunday. "I obviously wanted to play against the guy.

I've had a lot of great battles with him over the years. Hell of a player. It sucks that he's not going to be out there, but to say it diminishes an NFL game would be wild of me, especially understanding how great this defense is.

Watch the way that they won that game the other night. Yeah, I mean, we've got, they've got our respect and haven't lost any bit of that. But yeah, just tough not playing a guy that I've enjoyed competing against for the entirety of my career," Prescott said.

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