Ex-NFL Player Endorses 'Coach Prime' After Rhule and Norvell Exchange


Ex-NFL Player Endorses 'Coach Prime' After Rhule and Norvell Exchange
Ex-NFL Player Endorses 'Coach Prime' After Rhule and Norvell Exchange © Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

In the world of college football, Deion Sanders, fondly called ‘Coach Prime’, is known for his unique style and charisma on and off the field. While many appreciate his vibrant attitude and inimitable swagger, not everyone is a fan.

Lately, Coach Prime has found himself at the epicenter of some unwarranted criticism, particularly from his peers. Matt Rhule, the head coach for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, was recently vocal about his feelings towards Sanders.

Not one to take things lying down, Sanders retaliated in the best way he knows how: by ensuring a stellar win on the field. This wasn't the end of the criticism, though. Jay Norvell, head coach of the Colorado Rams, also threw shade at Sanders, targeting his appearance.

Keyshawn Johnson Defends Coach Prime

The discussion around Coach Prime gained further traction after Keyshawn Johnson, host of the popular sports show 'Undisputed', stood up for Sanders. Johnson expressed his disappointment in Norvell's comments, emphasizing that Sanders' style is an authentic representation of who he is.

"Prime is unapologetically himself. Whether he’s sporting shades, his signature gold chain, or cruising around on a scooter, he’s loved for it. Especially by the students,” Johnson passionately remarked. Further defending Sanders, Johnson added, “It's sad to see that instead of acknowledging the transformative impact Sanders has had on college football, some are more concerned with how he appears on TV”.

The Undisputed host also drew attention to Matt Rhule's comments on a camera crew accompanying Sanders and highlighted how some coaches' discomfort with Sanders might stem from his genuine nature. Johnson brought up the recent game where after Rhule's alleged jibes, Sanders' team demolished Nebraska with a 36-14 win.

"Sanders becomes a target, yet he triumphs with unmatched grace," Johnson noted. Deion Sanders, with his Hall of Fame accolades and dynamic persona, has always been a figure of interest. His recent pre-game press conference caught attention when he was questioned about his strategy for the next game.

Sanders, always surprising, responded with, “God hasn’t given me a message yet”. In a landscape often criticized for inauthenticity, Sanders stands out, embracing both the love and the criticism with the same confident smile.

While some may choose to focus on his exterior, others recognize the talent, leadership, and innovation he brings to the world of college football.