Josh Jacobs on Raiders defense against Broncos: Boys went crazy

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Josh Jacobs on Raiders defense against Broncos: Boys went crazy

Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs was thrilled with the way his defense performed against the Denver Broncos in Week 10. The Raiders, who hosted the Broncos at Allegiant Stadium this past Sunday, allowed only 12 points to the visitors, while they scored 37 to clinch a dominant 37-12 win and improve to 5-3 on the season.

"Them boys went crazy," Jacobs of his defense, per the team's website. "It was fun celebrating them doing good and just seeing them make plays and you just see them have fun and fly around. They weren't thinking too much."

Raiders safety Jeff Heath was the absolute star of the match as he twice intercepted Broncos quarterback Drew Lock. "I got to give great credit to the coaches for having us prepared," Heath said. "We had a lot of good tips this game and I just saw the formation...

great job of coaches just letting us know what was coming and just being able to capitalize on that play."

Jacobs also delivered for the Raiders

Heath delivered for the Raiders on the defensive side of the field, while Jacobs -- who scored two touchdowns against the Broncos -- delivered for his team on the offensive side.

Raiders linebacker Nicholas Morrow also delivered in the absence of Cory Littleton as he had five tackles, a sack and a pass deflection. "We changed some things," Morrow said regarding Littleton's absence. "We had to do a little different personnels and tweak some of the calls, because Cory is such a versatile player and just gives a lot of flexibility on third down.

"I think the biggest thing for me is just staying locked in and believing in myself and having confidence in myself that I can make the plays that are in front of me." Heath and Morrow were both praised by Raiders coach Jon Gruden after the game.

"Jeff Heath has made some big plays," Gruden said. "He's not playing 100 percent, but he's getting close to it. I think he got the fire started." "He's the same Nicholas Morrow he was last year; he's a really good player.

But I think at this point in his career I think his experience in the system shows, I think his confidence in himself is showing and I thought he cut it loose today and had his best game as a Raider. I can't wait to see his film, he's such a great kid... I think he's going to be a really good linebacker in this league for awhile."