Eagles coach Doug Pederson 'pissed off' after loss to Giants

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson 'pissed off' after loss to Giants

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson felt "pissed off" after his team's Week 10 loss to the New York Giants, which left them sitting on a 3-5-1 record but still on the first place of the NFC East Division.

The Eagles, who were favored to beat the Giants on the road this past Sunday, had a terrible showing at MetLife Stadium as the hosts won 27-17. The Eagles have been pretty bad this season but they still own the first place of the NFC East -- the division which is considered as the worst in football.

"I’m pissed off, Angelo,” Pederson told Angelo Cataldi of 94WIP, as quoted on Total Pro Sports. “I’m pissed off at myself. I’m pissed off at the way we played. It frustrates me to no end. We have too much pride, I have too much pride.

These players have too much pride. We work our ass off during the week. It is frustrating. It is frustrating. Blame it on me all you want. "I’ll handle it with the players, you can blame it on me. I’m a big guy. It’s fine.

We’re self-inflicted ourselves. We are killing ourselves. We are shooting ourselves in the foot. All of those cliche little statements are still showing up and it’s frustrating”.

Eagles coach Pederson couldn't hide his frustration

During his appearance, Pederson underlined it was the most frustrated he has been after a loss.

The Eagles committed 11 penalties for 74 yards and were 0-of-9 on third downs against the Giants. "Without a doubt,” Pederson said. “Without a doubt. Without getting into what we do here during the week, because I just don’t like to give all that information out.

But there’s things we talk about as a team, things we talk about as coaches with our players during the week about how these games are going to be, how these games are going to play out. I mean it’s almost like you can sit here with a crystal ball on a Monday and say, you know exactly how the Giants are going to play.

You just know that. It’s NFC East. You just know. That’s what frustrating, being able to explain that during the week and even have the players understand and even communicate that back. And then to go out and play like we did is very frustrating.

I am frustrated and I’m pissed off”. “I look at a lot of different things,” Pederson said on what went wrong. “Number one, I look at 11 penalties. Let’s just start there. Let’s start with 11 penalties, whether we agree with them or not there’s 11 penalties.

Let’s start with 0-for-9 on third down, let’s look at that. Penalties are discipline things. Third down are execution things and also play calling things. And when I look at this tape today that’s exactly what jumps off on the screen.

I’m not going to sit here and make excuses and say we’ve got young players, no. That’s over. We’re 10 weeks into this thing”.