Sanchez Teases Allen with 'Butt Fumble' Quip After Jets Game


Sanchez Teases Allen with 'Butt Fumble' Quip After Jets Game
Sanchez Teases Allen with 'Butt Fumble' Quip After Jets Game © Jeff Zelevansky/GettyImages

MetLife Stadium seems to have a knack for unforgettable moments, especially when it involves quarterback blunders. During a thrilling 22-16 overtime loss to the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills' quarterback sensation, Josh Allen, had a moment he'd likely prefer to forget.

In the crucial fourth quarter, he unintentionally collided with one of his teammates, causing a disheartening fumble. The incident quickly took the social media world by storm, especially when the New York Jets' official account posted about the "MADNESS AT METLIFE" on Twitter, flaunting the unexpected turnover.

Sanchez Recalls MetLife Mishap

Notably, this isn't the first time such an incident has taken place at MetLife. Mark Sanchez, a former Jets quarterback, chimed in with a cheeky comment on Twitter, playfully drawing attention to a similar incident from his past: "Josh Allen just ran into his own guy and fumbled… weird ??‍♂️." Sanchez was referring to the infamous "Butt Fumble" from 2012, where he lost possession after colliding head-on with his lineman's rear end during a game against the New England Patriots.

To add salt to the wound, the opposition took advantage of the fumble, returning it for a touchdown. While Allen's mistake might not have been as dramatic, some NFL enthusiasts are rating it a six or seven on the "Butt Fumble" scale.

Despite the blunder, it's worth noting that Allen's mishap didn't lead directly to a touchdown. However, it did offer the Jets a golden opportunity. Capitalizing on the Bills' mistake, they managed to score a crucial 30-yard field goal through Greg Zuerlein, taking a 16-13 lead.

This came as a much-needed boost for the Jets, who, without the magic of Aaron Rodgers, had found themselves struggling, amassing only 289 yards throughout the match. As for Sanchez, while his playing days might be behind him, the ghost of the 'Butt Fumble' seems determined to accompany his legacy.

One can't help but wonder if Allen's recent fumble will, in years to come, be remembered with the same mix of humor and disbelief. Only time will tell.