Rodgers Suspected Achilles Injury vs. Bills; Jets' HC: 'It's Not Good'

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Rodgers Suspected Achilles Injury vs. Bills; Jets' HC: 'It's Not Good'
Rodgers Suspected Achilles Injury vs. Bills; Jets' HC: 'It's Not Good' © Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

New York Jets' star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, met an unexpected setback during their clash against the Buffalo Bills on Monday, being sidelined due to an ankle injury. This unforeseen interruption during the game has cast doubt over his health and consequently, the team's season prospects.

Post-match, a visibly concerned Robert Saleh, the Jets' head coach, hinted at the team's apprehensions about a potential Achilles injury for Rodgers, ominously mentioning to the media that "it's not good." Ian Rapoport, a renowned figure from the NFL Network, voiced his insights on the matter, suggesting that a confirmed Achilles tear could sadly conclude Rodgers' season.

The gravity of the situation will be clarified after an MRI. During the early stages of the match, Rodgers faced a takedown by Leonard Floyd. Following the sack, he briefly stood up only to fall back, ultimately requiring assistance to make his way to the sidelines.

This sudden exit paved the way for Zach Wilson, the Jets' young quarterback, to step in.

Rodgers' Medical Update Revealed

Rodgers' plight continued as he was ushered into the blue medical tent for immediate examination. Not long after, he was seen being carted back to the locker room, a sight that NFL Network's Mike Garafolo confirmed.

Initial announcements had left some room for hope, terming his potential return as questionable. However, subsequent X-rays were fortunate enough to come back negative, as reported by ESPN's Field Yates. As speculations rose, NFL insider Jordan Schultz indicated that an Achilles injury remains a key concern.

To settle these rising fears, Rodgers is scheduled for a detailed MRI scan come Tuesday. Adding to the narrative, Judy Battista from the NFL Network noted Rodgers' left foot was secured in a boot as he was carted off. This isn't the first time this year Rodgers has stirred concern.

Back in May, during a team activity, he briefly distanced himself from the main group. Later, the 39-year-old veteran shared that it was merely a calf tweak, leading him to opt for a "vet day." Rodgers' health is paramount for the Jets.

With playoff aspirations, his absence could be a major hurdle. Given his age, injuries might have a prolonged impact. His previous season with the Green Bay Packers saw him push through with a broken thumb, perhaps explaining his recent performance dip.

While Zach Wilson and Tim Boyle remain backup options, Wilson is set to take center stage in Rodgers' absence. The budding quarterback, having thrown 4,022 yards with 15 touchdowns and 18 interceptions in his last 22 starts, aspires to revive his NFL trajectory.

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