Josh Allen: Turnovers Due to Forced Plays

Buffalo's star QB grapples with familiar challenges anew.

by Nouman Rasool
Josh Allen: Turnovers Due to Forced Plays
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In the wake of Monday night's 22-16 overtime defeat to the New York Jets, the palpable frustration of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen inside the visitors' locker room at MetLife Stadium could not go unnoticed. Rewinding to a disappointing encounter with the Jets last November, Allen exuded a strikingly similar sentiment, immersed in chats with the backup QBs and appearing vexed.

Fast forward to the start of the 2023 season, and a parallel scene unfolds. Only this time, the conversation extends to the team's new backup, Kyle Allen, while wide receiver Stefon Diggs attempts to uplift spirits. Yet, the root of Allen's angst was unmistakably identical.

"I was trying to force the ball," he admitted, his tone underlining his exasperation. This wasn't the first instance—a repetition of the past: same setting, contrasting day.

Allen's Turnover Troubles Persist

Despite spending a significant part of the offseason stressing the reduction of turnovers, Allen seemed to slip back into old habits.

He handed the ball to the Jets four times, tying with his worst record from 2019. Notably, three turnovers happened post-halftime, enabling the Jets to narrow down a 10-point lead. This setback mirrors the prior season, where Allen topped the list with 19 turnovers.

Holding him accountable, Allen reflected" "I hampered our chances tonight." He leads the unenviable list with 84 turnovers since his NFL journey began in 2018. Adding to his woes, he has experienced the highest number of overtime defeats without a solitary victory or tie.

However, Bills coach Sean McDermott attempted to paint the bigger picture. "Football is a marathon, not a sprint," he remarked. "Sometimes, "setbacks serve as vital reminders," McDermott emphasizes the foundational principle: maintaining possession is pivotal to winning.

Despite facing a formidable Jets defence, Allen managed 236 passing yards and a touchdown. But his attempts often met with misfortune, most notably by safety Jordan Whitehead, who intercepted thrice. Even with the introduction of fresh offensive talent, the Bills encountered obstacles.

A memorable highlight was a 75-yard touchdown drive in Q2—however, defensive lapses and an underperforming offensive line cast over their efforts. The team's centre, Mitch Morse, acknowledged the urgent need to ensure Allen doesn’t have an onus entirely upon him.

Allen's propensity to overstretch was evident—his attempts to launch the Jets' pass, especially under regular Jets’ pass rushes, spelled doom. The Bills now look forward to resetting and recalibrating ahead of their face-off against the Las Vegas Raiders.

As McDermott aptly summarized Allen's passionate gameplay, "His intense desire to win sometimes becomes his Achilles' heel."

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