New York sports talk radio legend Mike Francesa sounds off on 'noisy' Jets

Francesa isn't really a big fan of the 2023 Jets.

by Dzevad Mesic
New York sports talk radio legend Mike Francesa sounds off on 'noisy' Jets
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New York sports talk radio legend Mike Francesa is seemingly annoyed very much with the Jets who "never shut up." The Jets, who haven't made the playoffs since 2010, currently own the longest postseason drought in all American sports.

But since landing Aaron Rodgers this offseason, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the team. The Jets believe they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender and they have been making it clear that hoisting their first Lombardi Trophy since 1969 is their target.

Most recently, Jets cornerback D.J. Reed claimed the Jets could be "the best defense in the NFL" and could also emulate the historic Chicago Bears' 85/86 defense. Addressing the recent comments from the Jets, Francesa suggested they are talking way too much for a team that has been "awful" over the last decade.

Francesa on the Jets: They never shut up

“It’s hard to like them. They never shut up. Not only that, you watch ‘Hard Knocks’, which I have to admit I did because of [Aaron] Rodgers, and it was so rehearsed it was ridiculous.

Plus, do I need to see Rodgers talking about UFOs? But here’s the thing — I love when Saleh gets in there and says, ‘Hey you made the team you’re one of us’ What does ‘one of us’ mean? The Jets are 11-23 under Saleh.

What does that mean? The Jets act like, ‘Wait a second, erase our past, we’re a championship team. We’re the Patriots. We’re the Chiefs.’ Wait a second! You guys have been awful. You’ve been terrible… Yes, you have an all-time quarterback.

He’s a legendary quarterback. He’s one of the best quarterbacks ever. Yes. But the rest of the team has never won anything! They are 11-23 under Saleh. Let’s get real here. Stop talking about defense. We’re this.

We’re that. Be quiet. And now with that schedule they can’t sneak up on anybody, and everybody is out to get them. This is not good. I thought ‘Hard Knocks’ was a huge mistake. Evidently they couldn’t get out of it.

But they need to tone it down. And if they get off to a bad start? The world is gonna pound them to death”. Francesa said on Chris Russo's Sirius XM show, via The New York Post.