Ex-NFL Star Mike Williams Responsive After Accident


Ex-NFL Star Mike Williams Responsive After Accident
Ex-NFL Star Mike Williams Responsive After Accident © Rob Carr/GettyImages

In an inspiring turn of events, former NFL receiver Mike Williams, 36, is off life support and showing signs of responsiveness. Tierney Lyle, mother to Williams' 8-year-old daughter, shared with Buffalo's WIVB4 that he even managed a smile while watching one of his personal highlight reels.

However, the road to recovery is still long and arduous. “We’re leaning heavily on the power of prayer and urge supporters to keep him in their thoughts,” emphasized Lyle. Williams faces a strenuous journey ahead, but his resilience isn’t to be underestimated.

Lyle remarks on his tenacity, "He goes hard in everything he does. He doesn’t give up easily at all”.

Tragic Accident Sidelines Williams

The incident which landed Williams in this critical condition occurred in Hillsborough County, Florida on August 21.

While at a construction site, a steel beam tragically struck Williams' head. Initially, the injury seemed non-fatal. But complications arose when an infection set in, worsening his condition. This turn of events led to his hospitalization on September 1, and he was soon placed on a ventilator.

The severity of the accident’s impact was elaborated on a GoFundMe page, managed by Latrina Moore. A heartfelt message from Wendell Muhammad, Williams’ father, described the aftermath of the steel beam incident, highlighting a "massive head injury" that resulted in swelling in both the brain and a ruptured spinal cord.

Consequently, Williams experienced complete paralysis in his right arm and from the waist downwards. Contrary to circulating reports from Spectrum News last week, which prematurely declared Williams had passed away, the ex-NFL star remains a fighter.

Having played college football at Syracuse, Williams made an impressive mark in the NFL. Drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010's fourth round, he played for four seasons before concluding his career with the Buffalo Bills.

Over his tenure, he tallied 223 catches, covering 3,089 yards, and secured 26 touchdowns. The NFL community and fans alike are rallying in support, holding onto hope for Williams' recovery, and cherishing his legacy on the field.