Cardinals: DeAndre Hopkins: Hail Mary catch against Bills No. 1 play of my career

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Cardinals: DeAndre Hopkins: Hail Mary catch against Bills No. 1 play of my career

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray claims he felt he made a good throw when the ball left his hand and the rest is history as wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins caught a 43-yard Hail Mary touchdown with two seconds left to go in the game to give Arizona a 32-30 win over the Buffalo Bills.

"I want to say I knew when it left my hand it had a chance just because [when] you play quarterback, you can tell the trajectory, the touch of the ball," Murray said after the game, per ESPN. "But, I think I was looking at the sideline when everybody ...

I just got the reaction from everybody. I don't think I saw him catch the ball. I really don't remember -- it happened so fast. But, I knew once it left my hand, it had a good chance." Hopkins, who led the NFL in receiving yards in 2017, was surrounded by three Bills players on the play but he still managed to haul in Murray's pass and secure the win for the Cardinals.

"It's funny," Murray said, "everybody, all they saw was black gloves arising from everybody. There was like, what, a group of four people and all they saw was black gloves. I'm just glad he caught the ball."

Hopkins says it was the biggest catch of his career

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury couldn't hide his happiness and excitement after the game and he admitted he was sorry because they didn't go to Hopkins in crunch time a week earlier when they lost to the Miami Dolphins.

"It has to be the biggest one of his career, maybe?" Kingsbury said. "I don't know. He's phenomenal. You know, I went out of that game last week regretting we didn't get it to him in crunch time or try to get it to [him in] crunch time.

We had a good talk this week. And I've never been a part of one of those so still kind of at a loss for words, but what a phenomenal play." Hopkins, who has been one of the best wide receivers since coming to the NFL in 2013, has made a number of big and outstanding plays throughout his career but the one he made against the Bills was his best ever play.

"This one is No. 1," Hopkins said. "It was to win the game, no question, against a playoff opponent."