Tom Brady makes big prediction on Aaron Rodgers' first season with Jets

Brady shares his thoughts on Rodgers' first year in New York.

by Dzevad Mesic
Tom Brady makes big prediction on Aaron Rodgers' first season with Jets
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Tom Brady says he is "excited" to follow Aaron Rodgers' first year with the New York Jets and he is backing the star quarterback to do well with his new team. Rodgers, 39, is set for his 19th season in the NFL but his first outside Green Bay.

The Jets have a very talented team, and with the addition of Rodgers, they are aiming for the Super Bowl. In 2020, Brady left the New England Patriots and won the Super Bowl in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady, who knows how Rodgers feels now, believes the star quarterback is going to have "a great year" in his first season with the Jets.

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Brady predicts Rodgers is 'going to have a great year'

"There's a different energy about it. It's a newness. It's a fresh start to try to take where you're been, to bring all the good and then not to bring the tough lessons, you know? Because sometimes the tough lessons always remain unless you work through them, you know? So it's like you go through a lot of years at one place and there's a lot of, I would say, mental scar tissue, from losses or relationships, or certain experiences.

Oh, this guy had said this once, or that teammate, or this coach or general manager. Now you go to a new place and you have none of that. So now you can just hopefully bring your best knowing that you probably didn't do everything right where you were, but you tried your best.

And now you get to go to a new place with a different type of emotional energy. And I'm excited for him. He'll be invigorated. Looks like he's having a good time up to this year. I know he's been engaged in the offseason, which is always great, and really trying to connect with his teammates.

So I'm excited to see what he does. They have a really good team. They have a really good offense. And, you know, Aaron's been, when he's got good receivers, man, it's pretty dangerous. ... I think he's gonna have a great year," Brady said on his podcast, via Rick Cimini.

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