Antonio Brown Accused of Threatening Albany Player with Gun: Report

Tensions flare at Albany Empire over a deleted tribute.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Antonio Brown Accused of Threatening Albany Player with Gun: Report
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Antonio Brown, former NFL player and erstwhile owner of the Albany Empire in the USFL, is making headlines again, and not for the right reasons. Reports surrounding his tumultuous ownership are beginning to surface, shedding light on what can only be described as a chaotic tenure.

Not only is Brown accused of not compensating team members, but he allegedly also employed aggressive takeover tactics, resulting in the team's untimely exit from the league. A particularly unsettling incident surfaced during the Albany Empire training camp.

Players sought a simple gesture: a birthday commemoration on social media for Mo Ruffins, a former Empire offensive lineman who tragically passed away the previous year. The team's social media manager, Ben Nelson, did post the tribute, but it was promptly taken down, much to the players' chagrin, especially those who shared close ties with Ruffins.

Confrontation Over Removed Post

Players looking for an explanation approached Brown, who at the time was in the company of Ryan Larkin, a local sneaker tycoon he had roped into the team's administrative fold. The nature of this confrontation quickly escalated.

One player, recounting the tense interaction, noted, "We only wanted to express our feelings about the removed post. However, the atmosphere grew thick very quickly." Another player recalled Brown's threatening demeanour: "AB suddenly asked Ryan [Larkin] if he had the AR in the car and told him to fetch it.

At that point, we couldn't let him leave after making such a threat. Thankfully, after that tense moment, we could discuss the matter." As reported by ESPN, Ryan Larkin refrained from making any comments on the incident. Antonio Brown, once celebrated for his football prowess with teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has more recently been a magnet for negative publicity.

Arrests, legal disputes, and other controversies—including an allegation of exposing himself at a hotel pool and endorsing figures involved in anti-Semitic scandals—have overshadowed his athletic achievements.

This recent revelation about his behaviour during his tenure as the Albany Empire owner adds another dark chapter to Brown's off-the-field narrative.

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