Joey Bosa Urgent Plea: 'I Just Want to Win'

From college triumphs to NFL dominance, Bosa's journey shines.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Joey Bosa Urgent Plea: 'I Just Want to Win'
© Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

As Joey Bosa gears up for his age-28 season, the acclaimed defensive end of the Los Angeles Chargers is aware of the ticking clock and the dwindling opportunities that come with it. The Chargers, undeniably one of the most gifted squads in the league, have yet to transform that potential into lasting results.

Coming off the heels of a monumental playoff meltdown, Bosa, in a recent team interview, elucidated the mounting urgency he feels. "Every year, my aim is to excel and bolster the team's chances. Now, more than ever, I hunger for victories," Bosa expressed.

"My dedication to my role has intensified. While I constantly seek to be the difference-maker on the field, I understand the essence of being a team player." Despite his impressive gameplay, Bosa's recent groin injury that benched him for 12 games serves as a stark reminder of the impermanence of an athlete's prime.

Coupled with this is the underutilization of the remarkable talent pool the Chargers boast, including stalwarts like Khalil Mack. The urgency isn't solely Bosa's desire for personal greatness; it's intertwined with the team's collective pursuit.

Joey Bosa Meteoric NFL Rise

Having been instrumental in Ohio State's 2014 national championship victory, Bosa's entrance into the NFL was sensational. Drafted third overall by the Chargers in 2016, he swiftly made his mark, bagging the Associated Press NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year title and, subsequently, four Pro Bowl nods.

While Bosa's resume is decorated with individual accolades and a rewarding contract, team successes remain elusive. In his seven seasons with the Chargers, they've clinched a playoff spot twice and haven't progressed past the AFC Divisional Round.

With a Super Bowl win still a distant dream, Bosa reflects on his evolving perspective. "It's not that I lacked the desire to win earlier. But as the years roll on, opportunities to clinch titles grow scarcer," he mused. "Personal achievements, while gratifying initially, lose some sheen over time.

The camaraderie, the bonds forged, and collective victories are the memories that linger." Having tasted triumph at state and national levels earlier in his career, Bosa yearns for that global pinnacle of success. "To be recognized as the world's best would be surreal.

But more than that, I cherish the journey and the shared experiences along the way." Bosa and the Chargers embark on this season's odyssey on Sept. 10, squaring off against the Miami Dolphins.