Aaron Rodgers rips Jihad Ward in his response to Giants LB's claims


Aaron Rodgers rips Jihad Ward in his response to Giants LB's claims
Aaron Rodgers rips Jihad Ward in his response to Giants LB's claims © Getty Images Sport - Mike Stobe

Aaron Rodgers has responded to Jihad Ward's claims, saying the New York Giants linebacker is now "making stuff up." After a scene of Rodgers and Ward from Hard Knocks went viral, the Giants linebacker wasn't happy with how he was portrayed in the entire situation.

Afterward, Ward claimed that Rodgers and his New York Jets teammates laughed after Jets wide receiver Randall Cobb delivered a hit to Bobby McCain that put the Giants cornerback into concussion protocol. "So he thought we were laughing at his teammate? That never happened and I think he’s making s--- up," Rodgers told Brian Costello on The New York Post.

Rodgers responds to Ward's comments

The final episode of Hard Knocks shows Rodgers telling Ward that he doesn't even know who he is. "Everybody going to get pissed off at that.

The whole team was pissed off, you know what I'm saying? It's preseason and all that stuff and you're going to do some reaction like that? It's cool, though. That's how they roll. I think we play them soon, it is what it is," Ward said after the game, via ESPN.

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Also, Ward said Cobb and his Jets teammates knew what happened after he delivered a hit to McCain. "They know what they did. I know what [Cobb] did, coaches know what he did, my teammates know what he did.

I'm the only one sticking up for [McCain]," Ward said. Furthermore, Ward said HBO's goal was to portray him in that certain situation as "a sucker." "See, the thing is, they're going to entertain. They're going to show his part -- HBO, whatever stuff is going on, 'Hard Knocks.'

They're going to show his part. They weren't even in the whole scenario of what really went down. They're going to show his side of the story. ... It's all about Aaron Rodgers at the [end] of the day. They sign him, it is what it is. They're going to show his part and make me look like a sucker. But I ain't going for that," Ward said.

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