Mike McDaniel Praises Mostert Amidst Offseason Noise


Mike McDaniel Praises Mostert Amidst Offseason Noise
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In the midst of swirling rumours regarding potential acquisitions of elite talents like Dalvin Cook, Josh Jacobs, and Jonathan Taylor, the Miami Dolphins find their backfield in a state of flux. Jeff Wilson is set to miss the initial four weeks due to an injury, and rookie sensation De'Von Achane is battling a shoulder issue.

Amidst all this, Raheem Mostert emerges undeterred and unwavering, receiving commendation from head coach Mike McDaniel. "Mostert has showcased exceptional focus," lauded McDaniel in a recent team meeting. "In the face of ongoing speculation and media chatter that has surrounded him for months, he has demonstrated remarkable resilience and dedication.

It's emblematic of the true spirit of an NFL athlete."

Mostert Rise Under Mike McDaniel

Mostert and McDaniel share a history dating back to 2017 when McDaniel took on the role of the San Francisco 49ers' run game coordinator.

Having previously hopped between teams such as the Browns, Dolphins, and Ravens, Mostert truly found his stride in San Francisco. In a stellar performance, he pushed the 49ers into the 2019 Super Bowl, marking an NFC Championship Game record with a whopping 220 rushing yards against the Packers.

Moreover, Mostert's last season witnessed him achieving a personal best of 891 rushing yards, accumulating an overall impressive 1,093 yards. Despite these accomplishments, Mostert, now 31, has faced overshadowing due to the buzz surrounding Cook's move to the Jets and the prospective trades for Taylor and Jacobs.

Even Achane garnered significant preseason attention. Yet, through it all, Mostert's professionalism, both on the field and outside, hasn't gone unnoticed. McDaniel reflected, "This industry offers fantastic rewards, but it also exposes you to immense scrutiny.

How Mostert handles it, especially given our shared history, is an exemplar of how one should navigate this business." With a Dolphins offence brimming with pace, both in running and receiving roles, Mostert's seamless integration in 2022 suggests another promising year ahead in 2023.

It's undoubtedly perplexing for Mostert, given his credentials, to hear rumors about the team's interest in high-profile running backs. McDaniel, however, remains unequivocal in his admiration, "Every day is a testament to your worth, and Raheem embodies that principle.

His professionalism evokes immense pride and further strengthens our bond." As the Dolphins gear up for their season opener on September 10 against the Chargers, Mostert is firmly placed as Miami's lead running back. Amidst the surrounding uncertainties, he stands poised for yet another standout season.

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