Noah Igbinoghene on Cowboys Move: 'I Needed a Fresh Start'

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Noah Igbinoghene on Cowboys Move: 'I Needed a Fresh Start'
Noah Igbinoghene on Cowboys Move: 'I Needed a Fresh Start' © Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In recent times, the city of Dallas has become a beacon for first-rounders seeking a renewed spark in their careers. Merely four days after securing quarterback Trey Lance, the third pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys pulled off another strategic move by trading for cornerback Noah Igbinoghene, the 30th pick from the 2020 draft.

For both Lance and Igbinoghene, their transitions to Dallas represent pivotal junctures.

Noah Igbinoghene: Fresh Start, Renewed Hope

Reflecting on his journey, Igbinoghene commented on Thursday, as reported by Patrik Walker from the Cowboys' official website, "I genuinely felt the need for this move.

Admittedly, my career trajectory hasn’t aligned with my aspirations. Yet, I remind myself I'm just 23. I ventured into this league at 20. Despite the challenges, they have shaped me. This is a fresh chapter with fresh faces.

It's my moment to regain respect and showcase my prowess." In a corresponding move, Kelvin Joseph, a former second-round draft pick, was welcomed by the Miami Dolphins. Essentially, this amounts to a strategic switch by both teams, aiming to reignite the flames of two potential-packed careers.

Coming amidst a slew of transactions on one of the NFL’s most active days, Igbinoghene is acutely aware of the significance of this development. "It's truly a blessing," he expressed with enthusiasm. "Joining this team offers an exhilarating chance to rediscover my stride.

I’m geared up to invest my all." Even though he's still as fresh-faced as many rookies from the 2023 draft class, Igbinoghene’s tenure in Miami was marred with challenges. Out of his three-year stint, he graced the field in just 32 matches, half of which were during his rookie year.

With a mere five starts, his stats included 29 tackles and a singular interception, which he bagged last year. Despite showing potential, especially against runs and in rushing the passer, his overall performance, as indicated by a 51.8 PFF grade in 2022, was lacklustre.

However, Igbinoghene is grounded in accountability. "My chapter in Miami didn't unfold as envisioned," he candidly shared. "Yet, with God’s grace, I've been handed a clean slate. I’m geared up to prove myself to the coaches and my peers, ensuring they can confidently bank on me every time I step on the field."


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