Pat McAfee: Colts' $30M Mistake Before NFL Season

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Pat McAfee: Colts' $30M Mistake Before NFL Season
Pat McAfee: Colts' $30M Mistake Before NFL Season © JC Olivera/Getty Images

Pat McAfee, the former Indianapolis Colts punter, has never shied away from vocalizing his thoughts on football, and this season is no exception. While many fans are eager to see their beloved Colts hoist the Lombardi Trophy, McAfee is shedding light on some potential pitfalls in their path.

Recently, on 'The Pat McAfee Show,' the ex-NFL star turned analyst delved deep into the team dynamics, particularly concerning rookie Anthony Richardson. Having just completed his second pre-season appearance, Richardson exhibited glimpses of remarkable talent, especially in the clash against the Eagles.

Despite some hiccups in his passing game, his potential is evident.

Pat McAfee Highlights Colts Caution

However, as the Colts grapple with their quarterback situation, McAfee has pinpointed a critical oversight: the cautious approach being imposed on Richardson.

The underlying fear? Injuries that might derail his budding career. "Believe me, I get it. The last thing the Colts want is their franchise quarterback sidelined," said McAfee. “But to sideline his potential? To not exploit what makes Richardson special because of a what-if scenario is equally risky." This conservative mindset might be rooted in the best intentions, aiming to safeguard star players like Richardson.

But, as McAfee passionately pointed out, “You can't chase an idealized, 'perfect' career by curbing a player’s natural strengths. You could be robbing him of an actual career”. The situation becomes even more palpable when juxtaposed with that of Jonathan Taylor, the team's running back.

While Richardson is being eased into his role, despite certain restrictions, Taylor's future appears hazier. Still on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list, Taylor's chances of playing early games seem slim, even as trade rumors are dispelled.

Richardson's designation as the regular-season starting quarterback on August 15 was predictable, illustrating the Colts' investment in him. But the divergent paths of these two star players might be indicative of deeper issues. As the season looms, the Colts will have to determine whether their protective stance is worth the potential costs.


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