Trey Lance reveals how Dak Prescott has been treating him since trade to Cowboys

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Trey Lance reveals how Dak Prescott has been treating him since trade to Cowboys
Trey Lance reveals how Dak Prescott has been treating him since trade to Cowboys © Getty Images Sport - Loren Elliott

Trey Lance reveals Dak Prescott welcomed him with "open arms" after the Dallas Cowboys traded for him. Last weekend, the Cowboys pulled off a stunning trade for Lance as they sent a fourth-round pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the third-overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft.

Shortly after the Cowboys traded for Lance, some started wondering if that trade was about Prescott. After the 2023 season, Prescott's $61.9 million deal for 2024 will need to be either reworked or extended. Certain speculations have been made but Lance insists Prescott has been nothing but good toward him so far.

"He welcomed me with open arms. It meant a lot to me. This business is crazy but, for me, I'm not looking forward, at all. I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. This guy has played at a very high level for a long time so, obviously, just tons of respect for him, as I think he deserves and gets from across the league.

I'm just trying to learn everything I possibly can from him," Lance said of how Prescott welcomed him to the team.

Lance on how he felt about the Cowboys trading for him

After failing to meet the expectations in his first two seasons in the NFL, Lance gets a chance for a fresh start in Dallas.

When Lance was notified that the Cowboys agreed to trade for him, he was incredibly excited. "I really tried to not expect anything one way or another, but I can say that when I heard it was the Cowboys, I had a big smile on my face.

I'm very excited to be here. It was a little bit surreal for me hearing that I was going to come here, knowing everything about this historic organization. Just compared to the 49ers, obviously you think of that as another one of the top-tier historic organizations.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe I'm here for a reason and, regardless of what it is, I'm here to try and find a way to help this team," Lance said.

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