Trey Lance Opens Up About His Prospects With the Cowboys

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Trey Lance Opens Up About His Prospects With the Cowboys
Trey Lance Opens Up About His Prospects With the Cowboys © Getty Images Sport/Stan Szeto

In the ever-surprising world of American football, transitions are more frequent than a casual observer might expect. For Trey Lance, one of the sport's notable young talents, the latest chapter has him donning a Dallas Cowboys jersey after a recent trade from the San Francisco 49ers.

From West Coast to the Heart of Texas

"When I heard 'Cowboys,' I had a big smile on my face," Lance expressed, his enthusiasm palpable. "I was very excited to be here." That emotion is undeniably genuine, especially when one considers Lance's journey.

With just eight games under his belt for the 49ers, Lance's tenure with the franchise was remarkably brief, especially given the expectations associated with top-five draft picks. It's the fewest number of games a top-five pick has played for the initial franchise in the common draft era.

"It's not how I expected it to go," he admitted. Despite the unexpected twists and turns, Lance remains optimistic, believing in larger forces at play. "I believe that everything happens for a reason. I think I'm here for a reason," he stated, emphasizing his determination to contribute to the Cowboys' success.

Looking Forward with Gratitude

The move to Dallas came after the 49ers decided to appoint Sam Darnold as the backup to Brock Purdy. Lance was then given a brief respite to process the development before the 49ers finalized the trade, acquiring a 2024 fourth-round pick from the Cowboys.

"That conversation wasn't something I wanted to hear," Lance confessed. Yet, in spite of the emotional toll, he exudes gratitude for his time in San Francisco, and speaks with genuine respect for his former colleagues. However, the allure of joining a franchise as storied as the Cowboys isn't lost on him.

"It was a little bit surreal for me hearing I was going to come here, knowing everything about this historic organization," Lance said. He expressed excitement about joining forces with Coach McCarthy and absorbing the extensive knowledge from the entire coaching staff.

Lance's attitude is refreshing and mirrors the aspirations of the Dallas Cowboys. In embracing a new offense and integrating with his new teammates, the young quarterback is proving that he's not just here for the ride.

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