Ravens' Lamar Jackson: Defenses are calling out our plays

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Ravens' Lamar Jackson: Defenses are calling out our plays

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has said the opposing defenses know what they are going to run on offense and that's one of the reasons why their offense so far hasn't been as successful as it was last year.

The Ravens, who rely much on Jackson running the ball, finished last season No. 1 in points and No. 2 in total yards. This season, the Ravens rank 15th in offensive points and 23rd in total yards. "They're calling out our plays, stuff like that," Jackson said.

"They know what we're doing. Sometimes stuff won't go our way if they're beating us to the punch." When asked if he was really hearing defenses calling out Ravens' plays, Jackson said: "Yeah, they definitely do.

Like, 'run' and stuff like that. 'Watch out for this, watch out for that.' Sometimes that's what's going on."

Jackson was read by Alex Highsmith

Two weeks ago, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Highsmith picked off Jackson and later said he knew what was play going to be.

"I knew when that play started they were coming back to that because they ran the same play on the first half, and I didn't drop deep enough," Highsmith said after Pittsburgh's 28-24 victory over Baltimore.

"So I learned from that play and just dropped deeper. ... the ball just fell into my hands." Despite the ups and downs, the Ravens enjoy a good record as they have started the season with six wins and two losses. "We had our ups that first week and then we had our downs," Jackson said.

"Usually we're a high-level offense. But it's been all right. It's not where we want to be. We're still winning, so it's all right, I guess." This past Sunday, Jackson led the Ravens to a win over the Indianapolis Colts and tied NFL great Dan Marino for the best start by a quarterback as he now owns a 25-5 career record.

"It's pretty cool, I'm up there with a Hall of Famer," Jackson said. "But you still got to win each and every game. So, it's all right." Ravens coach John Harbaugh was impressed with Jackson -- who completed 19-of-23 passes for 170 yards against the Colts in a 24-10 win.

"I think that's really something. Wow," Ravens coach Harbaugh said of Jackson tying Marino's mark. "Lamar will tell you it's a team effort, I think the team will tell you that you couldn't win those games without Lamar."