Cowboys Players Who Also Donned the Saints Jerseya

Navigating the highs and lows of Brett Maher's career.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Cowboys Players Who Also Donned the Saints Jerseya
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In today's edition of Immaculate Grid, we take a deep dive into the interconnected journeys of players who've donned both the Dallas Cowboys' iconic star and the emblematic fleur-de-lis of the New Orleans Saints during regular NFL season games.

Topping our list is the talented Brett Maher. Despite facing his fair share of challenges since entering the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2013, Maher has made a mark with not just the Cowboys and Saints, but also with teams like the Cleveland Browns, Washington Commanders, Houston Texans, and Arizona Cardinals.

Currently displaying his prowess with the Denver Broncos, Maher's journey epitomizes persistence. Post the 2013 NFL Draft, the New York Jets saw potential and swiftly signed him. Unfortunately, Maher's stint with the Jets was short-lived as he was released before the 2013 season could commence.

While many would have been demoralized, Maher took his talents north to the Canadian Football League and then transitioned back to the NFL, solidifying his position on a regular-season roster.

Maher's Rollercoaster Cowboys Stint

The Dallas Cowboys, in a move that left many intrigued, positioned Maher as their starting kicker for 2018.

This decision was vindicated when he completed the season with an impressive 80.6% field goal success rate. However, Maher's subsequent season with the Cowboys was not as promising, leading to his departure in 2019. His football odyssey took him to teams like the Saints, Cardinals, and even back to Dallas.

Venturing further into the annals of NFL history, another significant name surfaces - Toby Gowin. This retired punter, who also played for the New York Jets, commenced his NFL journey with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent after the 1997 draft.

Representing North Texas University, Gowin swiftly adapted to the demands of the illustrious Cowboys franchise, bagging several Special Teams Player of the Week accolades. After two strong seasons, Gowin transitioned to the Saints in 2000, bolstering their playoff aspirations during his three-year stay.

His journey came full circle in 2003 when he returned to the Cowboys. However, an unfortunate training camp injury marred his return. These tales of dedication and determination exemplify the intricate tapestry of the NFL's player movement, a fascinating chapter in the ever-evolving saga of American football.

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