Saints Icon Mark Ingram Slams NFL GMs for Neglecting RB Market: 'It's Atrocious'

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Saints Icon Mark Ingram Slams NFL GMs for Neglecting RB Market: 'It's Atrocious'
Saints Icon Mark Ingram Slams NFL GMs for Neglecting RB Market: 'It's Atrocious' © Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

New Orleans witnessed a nostalgic moment recently as Saints icon Mark Ingram returned to the turf not as a player, but as a part of FOX's college football analysis team. As the stadium echoed with the resounding cheers from fans in reverence to their former Pro Bowl running back, Ingram was caught in a poignant moment, watching the NFL game unfold live on FOX.

But when halftime came, Ingram was no longer a silent spectator. His profound connection with the running back position poured out as he passionately spoke about the current state of affairs for running backs in the league.

He vehemently expressed, "It's a crime, sheer cruelty. Running backs have historically held a prestigious position in football. But today, they're sidelined and underappreciated." His fervor grew particularly intense when discussing the plight of Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs.

Despite being pivotal for their respective teams, these stars found themselves tied down to mere single-year contracts. Ingram opined, "While every other position enjoys just compensation when it’s the running back’s turn, the figures are simply atrocious.

It's evident they aren't treasured. GMs, owners—value these players!"

Mark Ingram Highlights RBs Importance

Ingram’s argument wasn’t just emotional but laden with strategic insights. He emphasized the strategic importance of running backs in the NFL.

"Unless your team has a quarterback of the caliber of Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady, running backs become the linchpin. They're crucial for a team’s road to the playoffs and ultimately, the Super Bowl," Ingram asserted.

Saints' fans showcased their undying love for their former stars. Alongside Ingram, legends like Alvin Kamara and Deuce McAllister graced the field, receiving heartwarming ovations from the crowd. Post the Drew Brees era, the Saints have undeniably faced challenges.

As Ingram subtly hinted, maybe it's high time teams started considering the true value of an elite running back—both in terms of appreciation and monetary compensation. In an ever-evolving league, ensuring these game-changers are taken care of could be the key to future success.


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