Aaron Rodgers fires stern warning to rest of NFL after Jets debut

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Aaron Rodgers fires stern warning to rest of NFL after Jets debut
Aaron Rodgers fires stern warning to rest of NFL after Jets debut © Getty Images Sport - Mike Stobe

Aaron Rodgers says there is still "some fire left in me" and the New York Jets quarterback also underlined he feels "ready" for the 2023 season after an impressive Jets debut. On Saturday, Rodgers took the field for the first time as the Jets quarterback and played in two series in the preseason finale against the New York Giants.

In his short time on the field, Rodgers completed five of his eight passes, had 37 passing yards and threw a touchdown. It was a good night both for Rodgers and the Jets as Gang Green beat the Giants 32-24. “I think we’re ready.

Can’t wait for the season," Rodgers said, via The New York Post.

Rodgers on his Jets debut

For the first time in his NFL career, Rodgers was playing a game in which he wasn't wearing a Green Bay Packers jersey. “There’s always some butterflies when you step out there for the first time, but I loosened up pretty good when I got the ovation when I took the field.

That was a special moment to have that kind of support," Rodgers said. Rodgers, who will be turning 40 in December, delivered a great pass in a play that resulted in a 14-yard touchdown pass to Garrett Wilson. “And as you saw tonight, guys hadn’t seen me play, that know that I got some fire left in me.

I’m gonna bring that every single week," Rodgers said. Meanwhile, Jets head coach Robert Saleh was also happy about what he saw from Rodgers. “It was good to show that he’s still has mobility, he still has legs.

He still has plenty of movement to be able to get out of the pocket and create off schedule," Saleh said of Rodgers. In Week 1, the Jets will be hosting the Buffalo Bills. It remains to be seen if Rodgers can lead the Jets to a win over the Bills in two weeks.

Aaron Rodgers Jets Giants

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