Isaiah Simmons Bids Adieu to Arizona Cardinals; Heads to Giants

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Isaiah Simmons Bids Adieu to Arizona Cardinals; Heads to Giants
Isaiah Simmons Bids Adieu to Arizona Cardinals; Heads to Giants © Getty Images Sport/Chrisitan Petersen

The NFL world witnessed a surprising turn of events as the Arizona Cardinals announced they have traded Isaiah Simmons to the New York Giants. This decision came with roughly two weeks left to go until the season's Week 1 kickoff.

The eighth overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft out of Clemson, Simmons' departure is sealed in exchange for a 2024 seventh-round pick.

The Evolution of Simmons' Role with the Cardinals

During his tenure with the Cardinals, Simmons, initially touted as a "positionless" talent, underwent significant shifts in his role on the field.

Drafted as a potential hybrid, Simmons began his journey in the league with fluidity in position. Yet, a recent revelation highlighted that he no longer desired to don the role of a linebacker. Instead, Simmons expressed a keen interest to realign himself with the defensive back squad.

Sharing insights from his dialogue with Simmons, the Cardinals' new head coach, Jonathan Gannon stated, "I don't think it was an issue of what Isaiah did, he did everything that we asked him to do." He further added that this move aims to present the best lineup on the field, suggesting a strategy to optimize the Cardinals' gameplay.

Gannon's remarks, shared with the Cardinals' website, reinforce the idea that Simmons' departure was more about the team's direction rather than individual performance. Reflecting on his experience at the training camp, Simmons, who had initially been scouted to Clemson as a safety, disclosed that he was primarily immersing himself in grasping the intricacies of his reinstated position.

It was evident that he felt at home and relished his role as a safety, signaling a full-circle return to his initial collegiate position.

A New Chapter Begins

As Simmons prepares to don the New York Giants' blue, it remains to be seen how this shift will influence both teams' dynamics.

What's certain, however, is that Monti Ossenfort, Arizona's new general manager, is ringing in a new era for the Cardinals. Declining Simmons' fifth-year option earlier and now trading him away, Ossenfort's decisions underline a distinct vision for the team.

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