Jerry Jones gets very honest on if he feels Cowboys can end Super Bowl drought

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Jerry Jones gets very honest on if he feels Cowboys can end Super Bowl drought
Jerry Jones gets very honest on if he feels Cowboys can end Super Bowl drought

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says winning a Super Bowl is "hard" but noted he still believes in quarterback Dak Prescott and the rest of the team. When Jones purchased the Cowboys in 1989, it didn't take him long to experience major success with the franchise.

Between the 1992 and 1995 seasons, the Cowboys won three Super Bowls in four seasons. But since then, the Cowboys haven't had any Super Bowl appearances. “I know how hard it is to win [a Super Bowl]. You shouldn’t give up the ghost because you fall short in a highly competitive league.

Just because we haven’t won it in so long doesn’t make what we’ve done meaningless. And I think this year we’re in better position to win it than we have been in years. We have the team, and we have the quarterback," Jones told Peter King of Pro Football Talk.

Jones still believes Prescott can lead the Cowboys to the Promised Land

Following Prescott's impressive rookie season in 2016, the Cowboys felt their Super Bowl drought would soon be coming to an end. But Prescott is entering his eighth season with the Cowboys and he has yet to lead the Cowboys past the divisional round in the playoffs.

While some think Prescott simply can't lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win, Jones remains a firm believer that the quarterback actually can. “Very much. Very much. We’re relying on him, and I feel very good about that.

His preparation, his presence, how the team responds to him. I believe he will get us there," Jones said. The Cowboys have a very complete roster and in back-to-back years they finished with a 12-5 record. The Cowboys usually do well during the regular season but then fail to deliver in the playoffs.

After last year's playoff exit, Prescott received the most criticism and many think this is his last chance to prove he can the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win.

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