Mac Jones explains why coach Bill Belichick yelled at him in joint practice

This week, coach Belichick let it Jones hear it after messing up something.

by Dzevad Mesic
Mac Jones explains why coach Bill Belichick yelled at him in joint practice

Mac Jones downplayed coach Bill Belichick yelling at him during practice this week, describing it as "a miscommunication" but also admitting that he made a mistake. This week, the New England Patriots were holding joint practices with the Green Bay Packers.

Apparently, there was one situation where Belichick wasn't happy at all with Jones and let his quarterback hear it. "So, we scored on the two-minute drive with a field goal, and then we just wanted to try a situation again.

We just kind of redid the situation, I guess. That was fun, I guess, but it was my fault. I think it was just a miscommunication between all of us. But it was fine. It was a good learning experience. It's too hard to explain in football terms to the media and stuff, but it was kind of a nuance, because we kind of repeated a situation we just did, you know what I'm saying? So that's what we need, though, so both teams can get the situation, try and practice it and then do it again to get it right," Jones said.

Jones, Belichick are seemingly on good terms now

After an impressive rookie season in 2021, Jones didn't do really well in 2022. Throughout the entire 2022 season, there were reports indicating there was tension between Jones and Belichick.

After the 2022 season ended, there were reports claiming that Belichick attempted to get Jones out of New England. But Jones stayed with the Patriots and last month suggested he and coach Belichick were on good terms again and having a fresh start.

“I think the biggest thing that we’ve all talked about is just having a fresh start. I think there’s a lot of learning experiences from last year that we’ve talked about and this year, it’s all about just working together, right? You’ve got to come up with a plan, obviously talk about it, and then execute it. So, I’m excited for that part of it," Jones said last month.

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