Micah Parsons addresses fight that broke out in Cowboys practice

Parsons was in one of the two fights that broke on Wednesday.

by Dzevad Mesic
Micah Parsons addresses fight that broke out in Cowboys practice

Micah Parsons downplayed the fights that broke out during the Cowboys' final training camp padded practice on Wednesday, suggesting it was just the team bringing it all on the field. The first fight that broke out happened between center Tyler Biadasz and defensive end Tyler Williams.

After a play in which Biadasz and Williams went again at it, Parsons got involved and he hit Biadasz with a few punches. "It's the last practice of camp, you have to bring it all you got. That's what it's about. I told the guys before we came out there: this is our Super Bowl.

It wasn't nothing more than just being ferocious and being a dog competitive. This is where championships are started, right here in camp. It's only one goal at the end of the day," Parsons said, via The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Dak Prescott pulled Parsons away from the fight

Cowboys quarterback Prescott felt he needed to intervene so he pulled Parsons away from the fight. Afterward, Prescott said he wasn't against bringing the energy to practice but highlighted Cowboys players fighting is not something he really wants to see.

"At that point, we're jeopardizing our team. For me, it's about. Coach always talks about not being the guy to react. To see the passion, that's a testament to what we've put into this thing. How the confidence has grown on offense and the defense believing who they are.

It shows you're ready to play someone else and really unleash your passion. We have a defense that is the best in the league, and they get to tap you on the head and get to yapping. I'm all for trash talking, but when punches are thrown you're risking breaking hands and fingers, putting the team in jeopardy.

It's exciting to see where we are in that last practice, and I don't know that we've had that in my eight years. It's credit to all the work being put in on this team on both sides of the ball," Prescott said.

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